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ACTER 2017

The ACTER 2017 annual field symposium will be held in the Lachlan fold belt of eastern Australia. It will involve an introductory session on the tectonic evolution of the Lachlan fold belt and a six-day field excursion.

Dates: 23 – 29 October 2017


Major targets of the field excursion include:
  1. Tectonic evolution of the Lachlan Fold Belt (Cambrian- Permian).
  2. Back-arc tectonic switching.
  3. Petrogenesis of I-, S- and A-type granites: how the concept started and evolved, relation to tectonic evolution of the Lachlan Orogen and significance to continental growth.

Registration is now open!

More information can be found in the First and Second Circular. Please click below to read more.

Any questions or special requests should be directed to either Dr Weihua Yao or Dr Josh Beardmore.

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