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View a full list of our partner institutions for Australia and China.

Key partner institutions (Australia)

Curtin logo

The Institute for Geoscience Research (TIGeR)
Curtin University

Contact: Prof. Zheng-Xiang Li


Earthbyte logo

University of Sydney

Contact: Prof. Dietmar Müller



CET logo

Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET)
University of Western Australia

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Marco Fiorentini



University of Queensland logo

Tibet Group
School of Geography Planning and Environmental Management

University of Queensland

Contact: Prof. Jonathan Aitchison


GEMOC logo

ARC National Key Centre for Geochemical Evolution and Metallogeny of Continent (GEMOC)
Macquarie University

Contact: Prof. Suzanne O’Reilly


SRK logo

SRK Australia
Resource Industry Services

Contact: Dr Matthew Greentree



Key partner institutions (China)

IGG logo

Institute of Geology and Geophysics (IGG)
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Contact: Prof. Rixiang Zhu



Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry (GIG)
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Contact: Prof. Yigang Xu



Peking Uni Logo

School of Earth & Space Sciences
Peking University

Contact: Prof. Lifei Zhang



Zhejiang Logo

School of Earth Sciences
Zhejiang University

Contact: Prof. Hanlin Chen



CAGS logo

Institute of Geology
Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

Contact: Prof. Zengqian Hou



Ocean University Logo

College of Marine Geosciences
Ocean University of China

Contacts: Prof. Xiaodian JiangProf. Sanzhong Li



PetroChina logo

Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development (RIPED)

Contact: Prof. Chaoliang Fang



Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Exploitation

Contact: Prof. Xiaobao Ren