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ACTER 2023

6th International Archean Symposium and ACTER social event

The Australia-China Joint Research Centre for Tectonics and Earth Resources (ACTER) held a social lunch following the International Archean Symposium held in Fremantle, Western Australia. It was a pleasure to reinvigorate the partnerships and develop new connections.

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2018 ACTER Field Symposium – Tectonic evolution of the North Qilian Mountains

The fourth annual ACTER field symposium was held from 25th August to 3rd September, 2018 in the Gansu Province, a historical and cultural province lying between the Tibetan and Loess plateaus in north-western China.

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2017 ACTER Field Symposium – Tectonic Evolution and Granite Petrogenesis of the Lachlan Fold Belt, Eastern Australia

The third annual ACTER field symposium was held from 23rd – 29th October, 2017, throughout the Lachlan Fold Belt of regional New South Wales, Australia.

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ACTER 2016 Field Symposium in Xi’an, 20-29 October, 2016

The 2016 ACTER annual field symposium, focusing on orogenesis during supercontinent cycles, was successfully held in Xi’an with a field excursion across the Qinling orogenic belt.

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ACTER 2017 annual field workshop on Tectonics of the Lachlan fold belt and granite petrogenesis is coming next year

Chief conductor: Professor William Collins, Curtin University
Preliminary themes:

  1. Tectonic evolution of the Lachlan Fold Belt (from the Ordovician Macquarie Arc to the southern coastal zone);
  2. Petrogenesis of I-, S- and A-type granites: how the concept started and evolved, and significance to crustal growth;
  3. Back-arc tectonic switching.

Time: Later 2017, sometime between October and November (date to be confirmed by late 2016)

Wild Goose Pagoda

ACTER 2016 annual field workshop on Orogenesis during supercontinent cycles is coming soon

The 2016 ACTER annual field symposium, focusing on orogenesis during supercontinent cycles, will involve a two-day indoor workshop and an eight-day field excursion across the Qinling orogenic belt. The Symposium aims to bring together geologists, petrologists, geochemists, geochronologists and geophysicists, including both academic researchers and postgraduate students, to integrate diverse disciplines and methodologies in this exciting research field.

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Prof. Hoffman

CCFS Short Course on Snowball Earth by Professor Paul Hoffman

A CCFS-sponsored short course on the global climatic phenomenon known as Snowball Earth was held at Curtin University on 15 July, 2016. The seminars were recorded and are available to view online.

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ACTER 2015 group

The first ACTER science planning meeting held in Curtin University on 4 June 2015

The first ACTER science planning meeting was successfully held at Curtin University’s Council Chamber on 4 June, 2015. It was attended by 17 ACTER representatives from 10 ACTER partner institutions. Curtin University’s Acting Vice Chancellor Professor David Wood, and Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Prof Brett Kirk, welcomed the delegates and attended part of the meeting.

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Attendees at the March field trip

ACTER 2015 annual field workshop on Tectonic history of South China

The first ACTER annual field workshop, with the theme of Tectonic History of the South China Block and Approaches for Tectonic Analysis, was successfully conducted between 2 and 11 March 2015. The event was enthusiastically participated by 30 staff and students from Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Curtin University, and Zhejiang University (ZJU). It was conducted by Professors Zheng-Xiang Li (Curtin) and Hanlin Chen (ZJU), Associate Professor Fengqi Zhang (ZJU), and Dr Kongyang Zhu (ZJU).

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Researchers visiting Curtin University

SINOPEC group visited Curtin University in March 2015

The delegation was led by Dr Zhongpei Zhang, Director of Research Office and Senior Engineer at SINOPEC’s Petroleum Exploration & Production Research Institute, and participated by Drs Shiqiang Wu, Zhili Zhang, Jianjiao Li and Jingchang Li, and Mr Jiang Wu. The team met with Curtin University’s ACTER Co-Director Professor Zheng-Xiang Li, Professor Chris Elders (Chevron Professor of Petroleum Geology), Professor Kliti Grice (Director of WA-Organic and Isotope Geochemistry Centre), Dr Xuance Wang (ARC Future Fellow), and Dr Weihua Yao (Research Associate specialising on basin analysis).

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