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ACTER 2016

ACTER 2016 annual field symposium in Xi’an China is coming soon (20-29 October 2016)!

Xian Terracotta Army

The 2016 ACTER annual field symposium, focusing on orogenesis during supercontinent cycles, will involve a two-day indoor workshop and an eight-day field excursion across the Qinling orogenic belt. The Symposium aims to bring together geologists, petrologists, geochemists, geochronologists and geophysicists, including both academic researchers and postgraduate students, to integrate diverse disciplines and methodologies in this exciting research field.

Dates: 20 – 29 October 2016

Registration and Icebreaker: 19 October 2016

Indoor workshop: 20-21 October 2016

Field excursion: 22-29 October 2016

Major targets of the field excursion include:

  1. Neoarchaean-Paleoproterozoic rock packages in the southern margin of the North China Block, including lithological and petrological features, structural characteristics, metamorphism and deformation;
  2. Mesoproterozoic-Neoproterozoic volcani-sedimentary packages in the southern margin of the North China Block;
  3. Composition and structural deformation of the Northern Qingling Belt;
  4. Characteristics, formation and evolution of the Shangdan suture;
  5. Southern Qinling Paleozoic sedimentary associations, and Indosinian magmatism and structures;
  6. Yanshanian magmatism, sedimentation and deformation;
  7. Foreland basin evolution on the southern side of the Qinling Orogen.

Registration now open for academic and research staff and postgraduate students from ACTER partner institutions. Please read the second circular and complete the registration form to secure your place. Forward the completed registration form to the contacts listed at the end of the form.

General enquiries about the symposium and field trip should be directed to:

Prof. Yunpeng Dong
Tel: +86-29-88303028