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Project 3.2

Theme 3: Global Palaeogeography and Geodynamics

Theme Co-leaders: Dietmar Müller (Australia), Hanlin Chen (China)

Project 3.2

3.2.1 Title: East Asian Continental Margin and Subduction Retreat

3.2.2 Leader(s) from different ACTER partner institutions:

3.2.3 Project description:

The West Pacific is characterized by a unique and complete trench-arc-basin system with the deepest trench. In this project we aim to understand the formation and evolution history of the West Pacific system, its basic architecture, modification of the continental margin by the subduction process, and the dynamic driving mechanism.

3.2.4 Participants (including research students):

  • Dr. Xin Liu (Ocean University of China) – Tomography of subduction zones in West Pacific
  • Dr. Yanhui Suo (Ocean University of China) – Tectonic migration of the East Asian Continental Margin
  • Dr. Liming Dai (Ocean University of China) – Numerical modeling of Seamounts in West Pacific
  • Dr. Lingli Guo (Ocean University of China) – Geohazards in the Ocean-Continent Transition Zone
  • Xianzhi Cao (Ocean University of China, Ph.D. candidate) – Post-Mesozoic topographic evolution of East Asia
  • Zhen Zhang (Ocean University of China, Ph.D. candidate) – Subduction along the Mariana Trench
  • Qian Wang (Ocean University of China, Ph.D. candidate) – Physical modeling of strike-slip faulting and inversion tectonics
  • Xiangchao Kong (Ocean University of China, Ph.D. candidate) – Earthquakes along the subduction zones of West Pacific
  • Yong Zhang (Ocean University of China, Msc. candidate) – Transform faults in back-arc basins
  • Mengying Hu (Ocean University of China, Msc. candidate) – Numerical modeling of Seamounts in West Pacific

3.2.5 Relevant publications: 

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